how to configure a domain (chat/imap/smtp/icalc)

I want to know as a domain admin. and email admin and chat admin and sip admin:
what do I have to setup to easy the provisioning to the eM Client
I manage my domain DNS, DNS SRV, XMPP, IMAP, SMTP and unfortunated iCal (General URL form: /ical/main.ics and Free/Busy access General URL form: /ical/~/freebusy.ifb)

i want help to setup the autoconfigure for our customers,to recomend your client software I may be out of topic here…any forum admin that help to move this if I am offtopic.

be in mind that manual configure works fine for smtp, imap and chat (xmpp)

calendar WiP

Hi Carlos,
not completely sure what you’re referring to, if you want to use automatic setup with your domain, you have to configure the autodiscover feature on your mail server to setup an IMAP/SMTP account, with the specified CalDAV/iCal account as well.

Thank you,