How to click an email link without changing focus?

I receive many newsletters with multiple links to news articles in the email. When I click on an article link, it opens in my browser just fine, but the focus changes from the email to the browser. I want to stay focused on the email ( so I can click on all the links I’m interested in) until I decide to go to the browser. I could do it in Outlook Express, I can do it in Thunderbird, I can do it in Gmail, I can do it in Hotmail, how do I set this up in emclient? Thanks

I was able to keep eM Client in the foreground, with the browser opening in a window behind eM Client, by holding down either Control or Shift when I clicked a link. I’ve tried it only a couple of times, so I don’t know if it will work all the time.

Thanks, hold down either Control or Shift then click the link and the link will open in the browser while the focus remains on the email.