How to change e-mail account icon in eM Client?

Does anybody knows how to change e-mail account icon that shows left from “From” and “To” form? I have a Huawei router and somehow he automatically puts an Huawei icon on that spot. Thank you!

Here’s the screenshot and icon inside of the marked red circle

This is an avatar.

What happens when you receive an email, eM Client tries to find an avatar that matches the sender’s email address. Depending on your settings it will display the registered avatar from e.g. Google or Gravatar, or it will display a monogram as in LB in your screenshot, or even a silhouette or the photo you have assigned in Contacts. If an avatar for their individual address is not registered, it can display the domain avatar for that email domain.

The settings can be found in Menu > Tools > Settings > Contacts > Avatars.

The way avatars are displayed in eM Client is purely for display only. They are not attached to emails you send out.

Thank you. It’s all fine now.