How to Change a Default New Contact

While creating some new contacts today, I discovered that I must have created a contact in the past that included a particular label. That label now appears every time I create a new contact, but it is one that rarely applies to most of the contacts I create, and I have to be careful to remember to remove it. How can I remove this label from my starting contact template for a new contact?

With some accounts, like Gmail for example, each of the contact folders is actually a tag. So if you are in the My Contacts folder and you create a new contact, it will have the My Contacts tag. BTW, that is the default folder for Google contacts.

Similarly if you are in the Personal folder, it will have the Personal tag.

So that may be what you are seeing. If so, click on the folder where you want to save the contact, then create the new contact.

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Gary, thank you for that explanation. It makes perfect logical sense. I think I was creating new contacts without paying any attention to the folder I was in at the time.