How to block spam by specific words

I am exploring the use of spam filters but not finding what I really need. Though I can “permanently delete” by email address or subject, how can I “permanently delete” by specific words, like “LUME DEODORANT” or “BYTE® Invisible Liners”, etc? There seems to be infinite email addresses for common catch names. I thought I found the answer two days ago but the hundreds in my junk folder for some of these same high profile names are still coming in…

I’ve tried to create a rule but get only folder options rather than the “permanently delete” option from the SUBJECT or SENDER rules already available. Rather than sending them to TRASH, it would be preferable to have them gone. I usually review trash to make sure something didn’t get in there accidentally before I empty it. Too much junk makes that a frustrating chore.


It depends on where you are creating the Rule. If it is a server Rule, you probably won’t have the option.

Rather select the dropdown next to the New Rule button and choose Local Rules.

It is a little dangerous though, so be careful. Normally we move messages to Junk, so there is always an option to review them if you are missing messages.

Thanks, Gary. I’m not seeing that option. Only folder options.

Click on Next > Next. :wink: