How to backup an account near to its termination

suppose I have an account configured (gmail though imap or office 365) and I know that in a month it will terminate (eg because I’m stopping to collaborate with that company).
I imagine that after termination I will not be able to access the account and so all the previous messages too, correct?
If so, how can I make a backup of the messages, while the account is active, so that when the account will disappear I can anyway access my previous messages, mainly for historical reasons? What is the best approach for that need?

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martes 26 julio 2022 :: 1135hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @tekka

You need to copy all your IMAP sync to Local Folders in eMC.
To enable Local Folders: Menu ->Settings ->General ->In Right Hand window check ‘Show local folders’

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Ok, thanks for your answer, skybat. I had local folders already enabled and I have done some tests and I have some clarifications needed:

. do you confirm that I cannot copy an entire account but I have to select and copy folder by folder, given an account?

. I verified that if I copy a folder (eg with 395 messages) and then copy again it, it is not smart and then at the end I have double messages (790 messages in my example)
Is there any sort of ability to copy the folder and have an incremental copy? Or do I have to manually select in the source folder only the newer messages?

. does it mantain thread conversation across copy?

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