How to always download pictures automatically

I’m willing to risk it and want to be able to Auto download all pictures with my emails.
Cannot find a setting to allow me to do this as in Office etc.
Any helpers thanks!

Simply open Tools - Settings - Mail - Privacy and choose “Display unsafe content in all messages”.

How about only for specific senders instead of all ?
(without cluttering my contacts by having to add a lot of companies as contacts)

Thanks George, eventually figured it ourt myself but appreciate the heads up anyhow - Respect Rob

Another good idea thanks, don’t remember seeing that option but will revisit it Respect to you too


Any chance this can be made into the same feature gmail uses, i.e. “always display images from this sender…”?

We have it in our todo list already and it is scheduled to be implemented in the next major version 5.5.

Thanks for this info. I too was looking how I could automatically download images.

Thanks George!

I found in privacy that I could check: display content from people in my contact list so add everyone that I am sure of.

yes, this will download unsafe content automatically from people in your contact list.

in next version there will be whitelist for this so you will not need to add people to contact list before this :slight_smile:

with regards

this was great to find out.  Thank you even though you don’t know how much you helped me out.

Glad this helps, let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.