How to add only the calendar from gmail, without contacts?

How to add only the calendar from gmail, not contacts? It is also okay if gmail contacts are not shown when adding e-mail addresses on the new message window. I am using another e-mail account, but I also want to use google calendar.

unfortunately this is not possible you can’t disable just one of these functions, it can be done with different service but not with gmail.
However if you’re interested in using the calendar for private purposes you can still use the calendar on your second mail account.

I hope you can manage to use the current settings.
Thank you,

Thanks for the reply. I am using google calendar on my android phone, so I wanted to manage and syncronize it also on the pc while using my business mail account at the same time. I wish the gmail contacts did not appear in the contacts list.
Then, let this be a request for the future versions.