How to add default action for attachments

Apparently this program already had defaulted to open/download all .pdf and .doc attachments in my incoming email. I went and deleted these 2 “actions” from the attachment settings like an idiot because I’m just learning everything in em client.  Now when I open an email with any attachments, it is taking FOREVER for any attachments to become visible in the email so that I can copy or open them…and my job is opening emails and attachments all day long!  How do I get these default actions back like they were before I deleted them!?  Everything was running so smoothly before I did this and now I am sitting here waiting and waiting and waiting to be able to copy or open or even see any attachments!  HELP!  

Hi Cindy,
When you go to settings/email there should be one item “attachments”. There you can find 2 entries for png and for pdf formats. But there is no possibility to edit these entries. I wonder why??? There are still more graphic formats.
Regards Ritchie