How to add an email addy to contact list?

Where do I type in a new email addy to my contact list?


I am not exactly sure what you mean by “addy” but I suppose from context of your question that it is address.

you can add new email (contact) this way:

In left panel (mail, calendar, tasks, contacts, etc.) click on Contacts, it will switch view from email to all your contacts.

  1. on toolbar there will be new button “New” with small gray arrow pointing down.
    Click on this button and eM Client will show you window where you can add new contact with everything you need.
  2. you can right click into field “Contacts” and select “New contact” it will show same window as I have described above.

don’t forget to click on save

if you want to edit your contact:

  1. double click on contact you want to edit.
  2. right click and select open.

with regards

PS: 1) and 2) means that you can select way that suits you best.