How to add a sender to your safe list?

How to white list a domain name? I see how to block e-mails, but how do I keep certain e-mails from going to the junk folder? I would think that there’s a whitelist button to click, but don’t see any.

Unfortunately, the whitelist feature is still on our todo list.

you know I have been looking for a email program that I could let my kids use but with all of the junk email and now good way of stopping them email is not going to work, there is to much junk, having a whitelist feature would help,

We plan to implement it in one of the eM Client 5 upgrades.

I have used Microsoft Outlook, and when you have it setup to put everything to junk, accept what you have listed in the Safe Sender list does work good,

Can I ask how long before you might inplement and then release something like this for eM Client ?

I am sorry but I cannot provide you any exact time frame for it.