How to Add a New Mail "Move to Junk" Icon at the top of email message?

When reading an email there are a choices of icons at the top which allows to act on the message. I don’t know how to name these icons but they are:
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I realize these are shortcuts for the main menu selections
I would like to add one of the menu action to that list on top. I would like to add the
“Move to Junk” sub-menu on top of choices.

I never use Mark but I get tons of junk mail. So I need to use Move to Junk regularly, but have no use for coloring my messages. If I need to I’ll create a rule and forward the message to a specific folder but truly marking messages with colors… i don’t use
On the other hand… talk about Move to Junk that I use! Daily!
With the number of junk messages we get I want to have an extra icon with the Move to Junk menu on top so i can click on this to get rid of the unwanted messages faster.

Is there a way to add a shortcut to the menu at the top of the email message?
If not, can the next eM client release add this choice so we can get rid of email messages faster?


That is called a toolbar.

You can add the option by right click on that toolbar and choosing Customize.

Then move the Junk option to the right column.


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