How to activate eM Client 8.2.1479

I just reinstalled eM Client on a different computer (the computer I was using it on bricked itself).
How do I activate a newly-installed 8.2.1479 eM Client with my existing license?
There is no Help->License option that I can find, nor anything in Settings that seemed relevant.

Contact and explain the problem…

That is very strange you don’t have the License option available.

Where did you get the installation file from ?

Also is this a Windows or Macintosh ver ?

miércoles 19 agosto 2021 :: 1029hrs (UTC +01:00)


Please confirm your version as: 8.2.1479

I’m not certain what you can and cannot see so can you do this?

Menu ->Help ->License ->If you can you should be able to enter your License here

I say should because even though your old computer died the License server will possibly still think the License is in use - if this is the case contact who will be able to resolve this for you.

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