How solve outlook SPAM

Hello. I would like to ask, how to solve, when I add OUTLOOK account and it filters me many normal mails like SPAM. So I dont get any information that I get new email.

In outlook support they told me, I cannot change the “filter strenght” … I need to get the mails normally - but ! I also use email client for mobile “Edison mail” ,and there is no possibility to resend the codes from SPAM to RECIEVED folder even…

any help?
btw does eM client has any mobile client?

This really depends on what is moving the messages to Junk to begin with.

Normally, it is your server, so you will need to login to their webmail interface, select the message in spam, and mark it as not spam. Thereafter the server should always leave messages from that sender in the Inbox.

But it can also be caused by eM Client moving the messages if you have previously blacklisted the sender or their domain. If that is the case, go to the Junk folder and right-click on the message choosing Move to Inbox > Move to Inbox and remove blacklisted …
This option will have no effect if it is the server moving the messages.
You can also go to Menu > Rules and edit the Blacklist Rule if you have one. See if the sender’s address or domain is in the list and remove it.

The Spam filter Rule will move messages to Junk if the server has marked them as spam but not already moved them. If this Rule is the cause, the you can either train the server not to mark them as spam, or disable this Rule.

There is no mobile app available at the moment, but it is something we are looking into.