How many pro Licenses needed?

Can I buy one pro License and use this on 3 PCs? This is for me since I have 2 PC and one notebook. Or do I need to buy 3 pro Licenses?

Hi Willy,

Yes, you will need to buy 3 pro licenses if you want to use eM Client on 3 computers.

But check the price: prices for second and third license are much cheaper than for your first license.

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Thanks for your reply.

Just found out indeed that the more I buy, the less I pay for each license. By the way, can I buy licenses together with friends? E.g. if I buy 10 licenses, can I distribute the licenses among my friends or will the licenses bundled with an account / mail / login?


interesting question Willy…I don’t know…you will need to wait till someone of eM Client will reply.

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Hi Will, there’s no problem with that… If you use a license per computer, you can distribute them to whomever you like.

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This is something that should be clarified in the main site. If I get a new PC or I want to install this product both on my notebook and thr desktop, how many license do I need? Lifetime license is a non-sense if bound to a single PC which will die or be resell in three years.

Hi Giulio, with the license purchase you’re not bound to a single computer, however the license can only be used on one computer at a time. So if your computer crashes and you need to get a new one, you can just deactivate the old instance of eM Client and use the license on your second computer.
If you want to use the application on your notebook and a desktop computer you need to obtain two licenses.

eM Client has a one license (seat) per computer policy, so each computer you want to be running the application on, needs a valid license.

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Absolutely useful and perfectly reasonable.

As I said, this information should be easy to get from the home page.


Hi again, I believe that the pricing options site, , contains the information about pricing and licensing options.
But we’re also happy to answer any follow-up questions regarding purchases.

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