How is Contacts - By Location view supposed to work?

I have been looking at “By Location” view in eM Client.

I was thinking that it may have behaved like the “By Company” where contacts are grouped by the same company, but “By Location” does not appear to behave like that.
Even though a given contact may have up to three locations, I was expecting a ‘display time merge’ of that data to facilitate a sorted view.

But not as such.

The features page of eM Client’s website discretely skips over “By Location” showing “By Company” and “Business Cards” view, so no clue was available there. ‘Help’ does not appear to illustrate any options either.

Is there a useful “By Location” view by some method unknown to me?

I previously opened a support ticket because By Company had no effect. At least that is working for you. :slight_smile:

My workaround, and what you could do for By Location , is to click on a column header to sort and group. So click on the Work Address City or which ever field to group by location.

Needless to say, I have tried applying a sort, and grouping is selected, but no grouping appears.

Company and Office definitely work for grouping as I use them regularly.

I have an idea that these menu buttons just open a predefined set of columns, though you can customize the view and it will be remembered. By Location certainly implies grouping, but it just adds the two extra columns of Work Address City and Work Address Country. That is all.