How get full e-mailadress in the maillist to see whats fake/spam?

How get full e-mailadress in the maillist to see whats fake/spam Adresses before i click on it and the site are loaded?

Showing domain avatars with the Name are complete unsave and unhelpfull and useless!

I want only see the real mailadress in the mail list so that i can delete the mail before it opend the fishing/spam oder what ever virus Mail:

Only this

Why i cant mark and copy this ^^ i cant understand. Its a great free program but at this point i cant totaly not understand the programdesigner. For me is this program at default total unsave. Im very shure taht many peoples click at all the incoming mails with all the tons of fake Adresses AND WHY?

I want see this:
instead of this:

How i can do this?
(all what can find are big or smal avatars but not no avatar, nothing to show real mailheader)

The program have to download the Mails from the server but dont go in and loded aktiv pictures, textes or what ever, before i have confirmed the mailadress and click at the mail! All other are not save!

I realy hope its posible in “eM Client” to get the real mailadress in the list. Its the only client i found what are a little bit like the good old “windows Mail” what have all what the normal people needs (for me the little brother from the overblowing outloock).

By the way, this install vodoo without typing a passwort and it get it from a website - it feels realy not good! Let the people write her passwort. Its not great to automated secure things. The people only forget the passwords.

Many thx. for answering and have a great day.

You can’t display that in the message list, but you can in the message preview. The option is in Menu > Settings > Mail > Read > Show email address in the email header.

Or, without changing that setting, you can just hover over the name in the message preview.

It will not affect your privacy in any way. Just make sure you have blocked external content in your Privacy settings in Menu > Settings > Mail > Privacy.

And how i get the stupid avatars away? Im high sensible and all unnassasary have consequenz for me and my health. I want only the clear informations so good as possible without any overblowing nonsens.

To remove the avatar, right click in the column header and untick Show avatar.

Oh, this is sooo much better, many thx. I have dont see the option in the main option (why there are at two places? when in the option are smal or big avatar why not the option none?).
But ok, thanks for this.

An other question, dont sure if i should make an new topic for it.
How can i say the program that if i delete a mail in the program it DONT schould delete the Mail at the server.

If you are using IMAP or Exchange to connect to your email account, all you are seeing in eM Client is what is on the server, so just like with webmail. If you delete the message on either the server or the client, it is the same thing. Just like you can’t delete a message in webmail, and still expect it to be on the server, you can’t do it in eM Client either.

“Windows Mail” have had an option to say stay mail at server.
But ok, than i must use an other option or other program.

What i want are, the clientt download the Maillist (without downloads or picture before i allowed it). The mails are at the HDD/SSD, program goes offline and the server and the Client are two seperate independently close systems. I dont want clouds ore 1:1 syncrone what ever things.

So what i need is an option for POP3 that leave behind the message at the server.
Is this possible with eMClient or not?

I dont like iamp, its an permanent link with many data and energy wasting. I see where gores the Datavolume if i have eMclient open. The permanently ask thinks from the server with IAMP its inaceptable.

POP3 is not really meant to store messages on the server. That is what IMAP does. POP3 is meant to store the messages on the device, and delete them from the server once they are downloaded.

But it is possible to use POP3 with some email providers. If they allow POP3 then you can configure it that way in eM Client once you setup the account following the manual setup described here in the Documentation (F1). Just change the settings to not delete the message from the server when deleted in eM Client.

Have found it

Thats exact what i have searched. Its realy good hidden in the program. You must go over manual settings.
For me its the only one usefull way to handle mails secure with an backup. Its the fastest, cleanest way with the lessesed datawaste.

For me all private clouds/permanent syncsystems at the wolrd schould be forbidden.

I say many thank to you for traing help me. Have an absolute great day.

Edit: ok i was not fast enougth smile (becouse i must reinstall my Network, have break the internet for the pop3 becouse dont knowing if there delete the stuff at the server - but all are nice with this options)