How does this work - attachments via cloud service?

Following the latest announcement re netxcloud support in 8.1, I tried to find the magic settings to make that work. No success so far. Documentation does not say anything about that feature.

Is anybody able to describe how to use that famous feature ?

Thanks for your support in advance

When you have a folder on your computer that is synced with the cloud, adding a file from that folder as an attachment in eM Client will initiate a prompt asking if you want to include the file from your disk, or a link to the cloud version instead.

Thanks a lot - that worked. Do you have any idea where the access-credentials für the cloud services are stored and how they can be maintained if necessary? Do you know any source of documentation around this ?

Thanks in advance

Maybe something for you to ask the cloud provider?

We do know where to store and maintain credentials for our cloud - this is well documented -

What we do not know, is where in emclient these informations are stored and maintained - like the accounts credentials in accounts

There are no credentials used for attach via cloud service.