How does eM store saved passwords?

I save passwords for my online mail accounts. How and perhaps where are those saved?


Hi, They are encrypted in eM Client’s database.


I’m sorry to bring this up, but I have another question:

Does eM Client’s database (including passwords…) store locally on my computer or somewhere else, Eg: on eM website server?


Hello, not completely sure if I follow, if you have an account setup you account configuration is included in the database on your computer, but your data are always synchronized with the server. What kind of data you still have stored on the server depends on what protocol you’re using for example IMAP/POP.

If you’re using IMAP all your items should be synchronized with the server, e.g. your server has a backup of all your mail items - possibly even calendars and contacts.

The password you’re using in eM client to authenticate with the server has an origin on the server, e.g. if you’re letting eM Client use your password you’re only entering the password to check if both you and the server have the same one - if not, you won’t be able to access the account. So yes information about your password is also stored on the server.

Hope this helps.