How does a restore work with IMAP please?

Hi all, Looking for some real world experience and some tips if possible please. I have an elderly freind that has managed to cancel their online mail account. No idea why but I think they are going to talk to the provider (Google workspace) to get it reinstated. So far so normal…

I suspect that once this is done that all of the old emails in the inbox may be gone on the server side (due to a brief look at Workspace/Gmail T&C) and so I want to make sure they save all of their emails in the inbox and sent items copies in emClient first.

I wanted to check what is the expected behavior with IMAP/emClient with this. If the account is reinstated then emC does a sync I suspect it will remove all the emails from the respective folders in
emC too. I want to avoid that as this is going to be the only copy of the mails in existence.

Is the best plan to…

  1. Get them to do a backup of emC prior to the reinstatement.
  2. Get them to export all of the emails in the Inbox / Sent Items to a seperate set of folders too as a belt and brace (in eml format).
  3. Get them to copy the inbox folder and the sent items folder to a local folder on the emC

and then and only then get the account reinstated?

this will mean that they have at least 2 copies of the emails prior to any IMAP shenanigans can kick in.

If they did not do this and they already had an automatic backup of emC then, if the account was reinstated and all the emails were removed by IMAP from emC then what is the expected behavior of a restore of the account in emC. Would it simply restore the whole lot back and then, at teh point of an IMAP sync simply remove them all again or would Gmail see that a bunch of new emails had arrived in the inbox / sent items and proceed to sync them all back to the server. That is the main question really.


If you add a Gmail IMAP (workspace account) into eM Client it will just mirror / reflect whatever messages and folders you have already setup in the Gmail account online. So is identical.

If you then “want a local copy” of those same IMAP messages and folders, “after you have setup the Gmail account in eM Client” and is showing in eM Client, then copy or drag those messages and folders down to “Local folders” in eM Client at the bottom left under a folder called eg: Gmail.

You enable Local folders via going to “Menu / Settings / General / Show local folders”.

Lastly once you are certain all your Gmail messages and folders are down in Local Folders, backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup”.

Note: You can see when the backup is completed via “Menu / Operations”.


Thanks for that - This is what I thought.