How do you count the accounts?

The free version is limited to 2 accounts. Do you count *all* account s (emails, calendar, contacts) or only the email?

Currently I’m running 2 email accounts , 1 CalDav and 1 card dav. Do I need a pro license?

Thank you for your support and your great tool!

Jean Marcel


Free version is limited to use 2 email accounts but there is no limit for CalDAV, CardDAV or Chat accounts so you do not need a PRO license unless you use eM Client for commercial use. 

I have one account with 2 different imap outgoing mail server configurations, based on what country I am in. Is that called one or 2 accounts?

Hi Shirlee, I believe this can only be configured as two accounts, if you open the accounts window from Tools > Accounts, how many items in the left sidebar do you see?

Thank you,