How do you copy or duplicate rules when you need multiple rules that are very similar?

Hello again,

This is my second issue.

I need to create a series of rules to move specific messages to specific folders. Each of these rules are virtually identical with just one key element changed between them. There are a total of about 30 of these I need to create.

I created the first rule. How can I copy or duplicate that rule so I can edit it and change the one thing that needs to be changed? Sure there has to be a way. Duplicate or Copy Rule has been in every email client I’ve used that had rules since the days of Eudora ages ago. I figure this has to be user error on my part.


Hello Greg.

Unfortunately this option is not available, but has already been added to the list of features for consideration in new versions. I changed this thread to a feature request as well.

There is an option depending on how comfortable you are with editing xml files.

You can export your Rules, edit the exported file, then import it again. Not something you want to be doing every day though.

Thanks Gary.

Agreed, editing XML files not the most fun way to spend an afternoon. But the glory of text files is that once you define the pattern you want to work with, it’s a simple sed command away from duplicating and changing what you want.

i’ll try the export option, that definitely sounds like the way to go. It sure beats having to use the wizard to create 30ish almost identical rules with 6-7 elements in each one.

Now if only they’d do the right thing with the gmail box so the messages would get out of my phone’s and mac’s inboxes. It’d be a pity to do all this only to have to keep the mac mail app running just to get filters to work properly on gmail - but that’s a question I asked in a different thread. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the XML tip.

That worked great!

28 rules added in just a couple of minutes.


More fun that you expected? :grin:

a quick slice and dice with vi, couple of loops with sed, cat the results and import back and voila! all my filters.

so, yeah. :smiley:

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