How do we get an Invoice?

I have submitted a ticket in the support UI… with no reply for a week, no update, nothing.

I need a EU tax compliant invoice for my Em client Pro purchase, how do I go about requesting one or getting a reply from my ticket?

I am not even sure if I am supposed to request it by ticket.

Thank you.


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Thank you! I will try that right now. Cheers!

I tried sales@emclient…and got a reply! However they gave me the same incomplete invoice that their system sent to me. They then told me to email to get a data complete invoice.

I emailed their payment provider 5 days ago and no reply from them… this is more than a little bit annoying at this point.

Passing the ball from from the software provider to the payment provider and back again is super frustrating and unprofessional.

Has the email invoice possibly gone in your Spam / Junk folder?

martes 08 febrero 2022 :: 1539hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @ClayreL.S

The easy thing to do is to go to where you can create a FREE account
you will then using the email address you used for your purchase have access to the
information you need or you can submit a request.
It is not difficult I have done it myself.

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@cyberzork The problem with the invoice they sent is that it is incomplete because I need it with my full details, or it is not tax compliant. The way they sent it, it is little more than a receipt. Usually missing details are not an issue even after the fact, since all they have to do is fill out the missing details and send you a copy. It’s not a big deal.

@skybat: I have been given two emails to contact 2 checkout, one for sales/billing and one for support… I have done everything the staff at EM-client told me to do, I was told I would be sent the invoice very soon, and can you believe I am still waiting? After talking to two staff members? :rofl: I haven’t heard back from any of them in 3 days.

Never have I ever had to jump through so many hoops to get an invoice… I am fully expecting them to ask for a blood sacrifice next. :roll_eyes:

One way or another I am getting that invoice, it has become my life’s mission. It’s a question of principle. :joy:


Never have I ever had to jump through so many hoops to get an invoice… I am fully expecting them to ask for a blood sacrifice next

Sry you are having that issue with Sounds like their staff are not on the ball, or way behind on invoicing or don’t understand. Yes keep on them.

Hope you get that invoice you want soon :slightly_smiling_face:

viernes 11 febrero 2022 :: 1250hrs (UTC +01:00)

I do not know what you are doing or where or how you are trying to resolve your issue.
As a test I have just logged into my account by following the link on the 2checkout
eMC order acknowledgement email (if you do not have an account you can create one)
Once you have done this you can locate the Invoice link and download this as a PDF.
In my case it gives: Order number, date, invoice number, name etc, email address
full amount paid and breakdown VAT details and payment method, in my case PayPal.
This was dated February 2019 was perfectly acceptable as a VAT invoice in the EU
so unless there are some specific needs in your country, wherever you are, I have
to presume that this will still be acceptable today.

¡Buena suerte!

¡Saludos desde la soleada Sevilla España!


Hablo español, luego portugués e inglés, con conocimiento de varios otros idiomas.


I have the same VAT (IVA) requirements as you, as it seems we are both from Spain.

The invoice I was sent with the license (the one sent by their payment provider) has my name and email… and that’s it, it is incomplete.
It was my partner who made the purchase, since he was the one setting up the software. He says they didn’t ask for tax details upon purchase… now he could be wrong and they did have a place to put the details. I don’t think it matters regardless because, as I said in my previous post, I have asked for invoice amendments / corrections before for lots of things without much incidence. This is the first time that I have ever have been told to email so many people for a correction.

The did send me an invoice but It does not have my full address nor my TAX ID Number. As aforementioned, I need an amended Invoice, with completed data. Because it it does not have my tax details, it is not accepted by our tax authority unless it has all the details. Spain in particular is really strict about this.

For that purpose I reached out to EM Client staff who for a week where not replying to support tickets, when they finally did, they sent me to send requests to 2checkout billing emails… None of which I received a reply to from a 2checkout employee, just auto-replys.

Finally, I wrote back to the staff EM Client and expressed just how frustrating this was getting for me, they replied quite quickly, and said they were in contact with 2checkout with the invoice and asked me to confirm my details. And so I did.

That was 3 days ago.

I appreciate the help, but I am not going to make the account with 2checkout because it will more than likely just be the same incomplete invoice that was sent to me the day of the purchase. These systems generate invoices automatically with the data they have, my business has a similar system.
None of the staff members have told me to make an account, I think that is the reason why, they know they have to correct it themselves or get it corrected by 2Checkout…

That is the impression I got from the last email.

Again, I appreciate the help. This has caused such a headache and I feel the tax write-off isn’t even worth the time I have put into it… but I will bump them via email if I do not receive their reply by Monday…

¡Buen finde!