How do I use the "more" feature on emails?

In the left column of email view, all the accounts and folders of email are shown. eM Client adds a “more” icon and label that has folders under it while some are above it.

How does eM Client decide what gets put above or below the “more” icon? It doesn’t seem to be alphabetical and I don’t even think it’s by frequency of use.

Is there a way to move a folder above or below the “more” icon?

Each folder has 3 options that control how that particular folder is displayed, right-click folder, see below:

Show= display all the time (above More)
Hide = Do not display (Hides the folder within More)
Show if unread = self explanatory (Displays the folder on if it contains Unread emails, above the More)

I use “Show if unread” for all my folders, except Inbox, to keep things uncluttered.

Fantastic! Thanks so much for “showing” me this. :smiley: