How do I use mail templates to set default looks for my emails?

How do I use mail templates to set default looks for my emails?

A Mail template is a set of font and color settings, that you can first store and then apply to all your e-mail messages. You simply choose your favorite type of font, color of background or even a picture for the background, store this information in the eM Client’s Templates window; and the selected template will be automatically applied to all your future emails giving a unified look and feel to your emails.

You can access the eM Client’s mail templates settings through Tools -> Settings -> Mail Format, finally click Mail Templates…

The Templates window:

This is where you manage your email templates - you can modify and remove existing or create new templates here.

Template List:

Contains all your existing mail templates. If you want to modify or remove an existing template, select it from the list and click on the corresponding button located to the right.


This window displays a preview of the mail template you have selected in the Template List.


Click Add to bring up the New Template window:

Enter the name of your new template in Template Name.

Font settings can be changed through the Change Font button. A standard font settings window will open, where you can adjust the font’s size, style (bold, italic…) and type (Arial, Courier New etc.).

You can also preset the background of your mails. Simply check the Use specific background in this template checkbox.

If you want to use a picture, click on the Picture: radio button, click Browse and choose the desired image file from the file explorer.

If you want to use a single-colored background, check the radio button Color and choose the desired color by pressing Select.

On the right is a Preview window, where you can see how your e-mails will look with the given template.

Click OK to finish creating the new template, which will be added to the template list.


Clicking Modify will bring up the same template construction widow as Add, which will allow you to modify an existing template.


To delete an existing template, select it in the Template List and click Remove.