how do I use a licensed version of EM Client on my desktop and my laptop at the same time?


looking through past answers it would seem I need to buy a license for the second pc i.e use a free license on one pc and a paid for license on the other.Can you confirm this is correct or do I need two “paid for” licenses?
Most other software lets home users run several copies on several machines with the paid for version of software being the one with extra bells and whistles.
Why is EM Client not structured this way?
Can someone from EMClient comment please.


You can use one paid and one free license. Of course that free license will be limited as any other free license, but you would be able to receive paid support as you are customer with pro license.

We are having this model of licensing because after our calculations it simply goes best for us and our users/clients.
Email client is something that you use daily and for years so if you calculate that price per day it is actually very cheap.

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