How do I upgrade my pro license to get lifetime upgrades?

I bought the pro license which expires in a year. How do I upgrade it so that I can get lifetime upgrades?


you can buy it here:…

after purchase please contact our sales department on: [email protected] and they will merge your licenses together.


Hello, this post is 2 years old. Can anyone confirm if PRO upgrade to LIFETIME still costs  $50 as the old link provided shows? Please notice that today LIFETIME costs $20 when ordered together with new license.

An option could be: Seems costly to pay $50 for one license, when you can get a new one + LIFETIME that costs even less and keep 2 licenses.

Thank you for your update and suggestions

Hello Juan, as you said, this post is 2 years old and is a direct link to the payment system, you can see this page, to proceed with your lifetime upgrades purchase.