how do i sync my contacts with outgoing email

when addressing outgoing email.  In the TO: would like to have contact appear.  It doesn’t

How do i fix it

In the Contact Folder box, click the down arrow - choose All contacts.

Thank you so much.  However mine does say all contacts and still not working

So where do you have your contacts stored? Do you have any contacts showing in the Contacts window?

Press CTRL + B and it well show your contacts :

Then after save one contact then open a new email > You well find the one contact you just added.

After that tell me if it did not work.

I prest Control B and got  blank contact form.  I then filled in Name then email address as if it was a new contact.  It seemed to work for the 4 i tried.  But this way I have to enter each contact seperately.

I will do this if necessarily.  What I think is my import from Windows live isn’t in the same form as emClient needs. 

I certainly appreciate your help.  If there is any other way to do my whole list of contacts I would appreciate it greatly.  Enid

I have contacts emported from Windows live mail.

However It works fine no problem.  same windows 10 .  Don’t understand why doesn’t work in my PC

I meant to say works in my laptop fine

Two alternative suggestions

1. Export your contacts from Windows Live Mail to a CSV file then importing the CSV file to eM Client.

2. On your laptop, export the contacts from eM Client to a VCF file (all contacts in a single file), then import this VDF file to eM Client on your Desktop.

I did what you said.  I find in order to get it to work in my pc is to install each contact one at a time.

Then it works.  thanks for the help.