How do I stop EMClient deleting my replies to my emails?

Once I’ve replied to an email I generally delete it from my in box. However when I do this EM Client deletes my reply from my sent items box. How do I stop this please? 

This may be due to the default conversation mode.  By default, eM Client groups all messages in a conversation together in the message list.  If you delete this item, it will delete all messages in the conversation.  To delete a single message in the conversation, select the message in the reading window, right-click and select “Delete”.  There are a couple other options you might try if this is confusing or inconvenient:

1.  Show conversations in the message detail only (menu/view/conversations).  This will show each incoming message as a separate line in the message list, but will still group them together in the reading pane.  This will allow you to delete individual messages in the message list.

2.  Disable conversations (menu/view/conversations).  This gets rid of all conversations, with single messages in both the message list and the reading pane.

That’s Great Jay - Disable Conversations is my preference and works for me - Many Thanks