how do I set the spam filter in eM Client?


I’m hoping there is a way for eM to remember “friendly” e-mails and load all content. Right now it’s blocking everything (which is fine), but I need a way to tell eM that there are some senders I trust.

EM Client 3 allows content from people in your contact list. This is consistent with Outlook, the client has to build a database somehow of people to allow.

I am not receiving mail which is in my Junk folder on my Hotmail account.
It is at the Hotmail site but all of it is not junk. I had to move the messages to my Inbox at the Hotmail site to displat them in e-mail Client.
How do I build this database. In Outlook I can ‘right click’ on the message list and select “add sender to contacts”. How do I do this in eM Client ?

Hotmail is POP3 so eM Client (and other email clients) downloads only Inbox. It’s how protocol POP3 works and it can’t be changed.


Milos Kovalcik.