How do I restore from flash drive?

I backed up my em client data then copied file to a flash drive, How do I take that data file  and restore it to a second computer that has em client?

Copy the file you saved to the flash drive into the same directory on your laptop.  If you get a message saying that the file already exists and offers you a choice to rename or overwrite, overwrite the existing file with the new one.  Then reopen eM Client.

Hello Ken, do you have a backup of the eM Client folder from your AppData folder or a backup archive from your eM Client backup folder? If you have a backup file, make sure to put this file into the identical backup folder on your new installation of eM Client, you can find the exact directory path to the backup folder in the Application settings.

eM Client can only fetch it’s backup files from it’s own backup folder, but in case of manual backup you can also use the contents of the backup archive to replace your current database folder saved in your user/AppData/Roaming folder in order to restore this backup.

Hope this helps,