how do I put 'Archive' in tool bar thingy?

I cannot seem to find a quick way of archiving my emails only by moving to folder - is there a way of putting a ‘Archive’ button in the tool bar with the move to ‘Junk’ and ‘delete’ buttons.

I hope this makes sense

I have just moved from Thunderbird as that was getting annoyingly complicated

You can’t customize toolbar in eM Client. There’s no support for archive yet, you need to click and drag.

Thank you

Your click and drag functionality is fine if you have one account, but I have 4 accounts with a lot of folders for each and it’s a drag on productivity. All we really want is a button that will take an existing message and move it out of Inbox and into All Mail for the account from which the email comes.

Just wanted to echo that this would be very useful functionality.


If server supports archives then there is button for server archiving, for local archives we have automatic archiving and we do not plan to alter it.


In Thunderbird if you are in preview and press a it moves the message to a folder Archives/2013 for example. This is very usefull.

So I can leave my messages in Inbox and when “finished” press a to archive it.

Something like this I can not find in eM and many of us in our company use this a lot. Is there some similar functionality in eM?

An automatic and especially local archiving is nothing usefull in a company. Especially for shared mail folders!

We would really like to switch to eM. Especially calendars work great!

Sorry, this is not possible at the moment. eM Client has only Automatic archiving feature and as my colleague mentioned above, eM Client also does support server sided Archiving.

We will consider implementing of the functionality you requested.

Three years later and nothing happend o.O