How do I prevent eMClient from gathering anonymous user data collection

How do I prevent eMClient from gathering anonymous user data collection

You answer No when asked if you want to provide that data.

When NO is selected, is it permanent ? IS there a way to disable this function under the settings menu?

Thanks for the information!

As far as I know, when you select NO, it is permanent. At least I did not see it re-appear.

There is no way to change your choice in settings once you have made a selection, but I did find that uninstalling, then reinstalling offered the choice again.

Thank You, I made the “no” selection. I will see if it ever returns. It seems the request for collection began after the latest update.

When asked if I want to  “send telemetric data” I have responded yes, and alternatively, no.
With both answers,  I continue to get the message several times a day.  How can I stop this?

Sorry Kevin, can’t say as I have seen that. After answering either yes or no, I have never had the notice pop up again. Actually when using an internal build before it was released, I initially answered No. Then I thought maybe it would be nice to give that data, but it never did pop up again. So I reinstalled and answered Yes, and then I never saw that again. Maybe try uninstalling and then download and install the latest version from the Release History and see what happens.

If you still have no luck, and really do not want to see the pop-up then uninstall and download 7.2.35595. That was the last version before this was introduced.

Gary,  the  menu/help/check for update link says “no update available.”  I first downloaded em  mid April 2019.  If I uninstall, how do I keep all my emails  intact.?

The update check does not always offer the latest version. For some reason it targets individual users differently. Or is that different users individually? :wink:

Depending on which version you have the uninstall will either prompt you do keep/delete your data, or for versions older than 7.2.35595 it will just keep the data without prompting. 

If you keep the database folder then after reinstalling everything will be there as before, just a different version of eM Client. If in doubt, first make a backup using Menu > File > Backup.

I have version  7.2.36908.0    I still receive the  “send telemetric data”  message 10-15 times each day.  I went to Menu/File/ Backup.  I got a message “Do you really want to  backup your data.  This could take a long time.”  I clicked yes and nothing happened.  
    I read a recent reply where you said the programmers are working on this bug.  Should I just wait for a new version?

While the backup is in progress, you should see a moving progress bar and text announcement in the status area.

You will always get the popup to say it may take a long time, even if it doesn’t.

You can also go to the default backup location and see if a new zip file has been created. On Windows that is C:\Users\username\Documents\eM Client, and the backup will be named The date and time are there so easy to spot.

A new version was released on Friday. You can download it from the Release History. See if there is any difference. Sometimes the developers fix things but don’t commit it to the build, and without a change log, it is just trial and error on our side to see what has been done with each new release.

Thanks.  I had 3 backups!   I guess they were downloaded in an instant, no progress bars. 

I updated to version 7.2.3742.0 and the request to send telemetric information has continued.  Today already I have received 5 such requests, after replying “no” to the first request.  

An update to version 7.2.37384 fixed it for me.

I updated to version 7.2.37929.0.  I reply “no” always, but still get many requests to send telemetric data every day.  Are developers still working on this?

The headline for my problem is not “How do I prevent eMClient from gathering…” but rather “How do I prevent eMClient from repeated requests to send data.” Replying “yes” or “no” has no effect, I still get about 10 requests each day.  

Uninstall eM Client, making sure NOT to delete the database directory when asked. Then download and install the latest version from the Release History.