How do I migrate accounts (& mail) from one eM Client install to one on a different partition? Both are running Windows 8.1

I am in the process of building a new Windows 8.1 setup on a different partition. I installed eM Client on the new partition. I then copied the backup file from the old parturition to the new one in the correct location. When I “restored” the data, all the messages in the Inbox were missing. I also got a message about needing a license before I could receive or send.

What is the correct process to migrate my eM Client setup from oneOS partition to another?

Hank Arnold (Microsoft MVP)

Hi, I am not sure what are you trying to achieve exactly, but eM Client itself will be always installed on C:\ only.

On same drive you will always have also database, it can be moved in Tools - Settings - General - Storage, but still in original location will be kept file with settings.


You can move the whole “Users[user name]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client” directory from one partition to the other.