How do I limit the number of connections for IMAP, please?

I need to set a limit on the number of IMAP connections in emClient. I am migrating my mailbox from an old server to a new one. The problem is that when I upload via IMAP, emClient probably creates a connection for each uploaded message (.eml file), so the new mail server then starts rejecting my connection saying that it exceeds 30 connections and refuses to attempt to connect to the IMAP server (red exclamation mark).

In the diagnostic log for IMAP, I have the following:
11:47:01.464|056| 01: A1 NO [UNAVAILABLE] Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded (mail_max_userip_connections=30)

How do I limit this to under 30 connections in emClient, please? I have OS Windows 11 Pro.

Thank you very much in advance for your advice.
Jan Vokurka

You don’t need to modify the limit because we are very frugal with the connections, and limit that in our software to just 2 per account.

Of course if you have other apps also connecting to that account, the server is going to detect more connections from your IP address.

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As @Gary says the limit is preset, however, you can try adjusting you eMC synchronization interval at:
Menu ->Settings ->General ->the setting is in the right column. (perhaps 20 or 30 minutes to try)

Though I have no idea if this will make any difference.
Something else you need to consider is that if you are using the same IP Address for both old
and new, any server limits will be seen as double.
There are a number of Posts on this Forum about IMAP connection limits going back to 2013
and I do not know if there was a solution as there are far too many for me to read so if you
still have an issue you could investigate maybe you might get lucky and find a solution.
Or you can search internet for for help.


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I have exactly the same problem. And as I use a public mail server (commercial, paid, but still under 3rd party administration) I do not have a possibility to bypass this limitation.

I use IMAP and I have about 21 custom mail folders… not just the default Inbox, Sent, etc… I have a feeling that the problems started to happen when I created extra IMAP folders to sync.

eM Client has only 2 connections to the server regardless of how many folders you have. If there are more connections from your IP address, then it could be because you have multiple apps or devices connecting to the same account, or there is some server error.

I am trying to sort the problem out with a mail provider as well. I am in a total control of all the applications, devices and email accounts that I use, as well as the network connections and other users under the same public IP address. I do use at least a few different Internet access’ at different locations, most if not all with a dedicated public IP. I aint a noob here :slight_smile:

I use the same account on 3 devices on a daily basis, a computer and 2 phones, all the 3 on IMAP. When the above problems start to happen and all the 3 devices are on the same Internet access then I try to disconnect the phones and the computer with eM Client is the only one left, it usually work without issues.But sometimes the problem also happen with eM Client as the only one on the particular IP.

Yet still those numbers do not count for me. There is something on the case. You say it should be only 2 connections per account and I need to trust you, but for 3 devices it is only 6 connections… it is not even close to 30. Then it seems like it is more a network or a mail server problem, like some duplicated connections to server, maybe an AV software background behavior.

Thank you for confirmation of the above, that is what I was looking for when I ended on this thread.