How do I know emClient is not attempting to set-up a new email acct on-line where I already have one?

I apparently started to set-up emClient in the wrong order, and it didn’t find the existing account with which I wanted to use it (I was off-line), so that it did not set-up a default.  Now, I find the program talks only about setting-up a “new account,” without explaining whether it means setting-up a “new account” on-line, or setting-up a “new account” in the program that already exists on-line.  Could you please indicate how I can set the program up to access an account I’ve had on-line for years?  I’m using XP and the account I have on-line is at  Thanks so much, SRS

Before you go any further, eM Client will not run on Windows XP beyond the 30 day trial period. This is because of an outdated security policy in the OS which will not enable eM Client to activate a license.