How do I include for sync multiple Google calendars?

I’ve got several Google calendars for the multi-faceted life I lead… I have one calendar for medical, one for vacation, one for my wife, etc… Would *love* to be able to include each in my eM Client calendar, with differing colors as I currently do in Google.

Any way to accomplish this?

Two possible ways:

  1. Method 1
    1a) Create a Calendar folder structure in eM Client similar to what you have in Google.
    1b) Then from Google export all your calendars at once as ICS file and save on your hard disk. All calendars will actually come in as a single zipped file. Once you decompress it, you wil have on your PC an ICS file for each calendar in Google.
    1c) Import each of the ICS calendar files into the matching eM Client calendar folder you have created in step 1.
    You can assing a different color to each of the eM Client calendar as you wish.

  2. Method 2
    If you want to have just one calendar folder containing all events, but applying different colors for different categories, in a way matching the Google calendars, do the following.

2a) Export Google Calendars as in method 1b) above.
2b) Import the first ICS calendar file into the single eM Client calendar folder.
2c) In the Calendar view of eM Client select the “Agenda” view.
2d) All events will appear as text files. Select all (Ctrl A)
2e) Once they are all selected, right click on mouse, choose “Categorize” and apply the category you want (e.g. Fun, Vacation, etc.). This will apply the color you want.
2f) Repeat steps 2b to 2e) importing ICS file and -in the Agenda view- applying the category (color) you want before importing the next ICS file.

At the end of all the imports, your single eM Client Calendar folder will show you all the events with the colors you applied during the import operation.

Hope this meets your requirements.


If I follow your logic, I’m not actually going to be syncing, am I? Seems to me this is an import process that would need to be repeated. Would love to be wrong, so feel free to correct me. :slight_smile:

Yes you are right, this is not real time synch but an import. Good enough for me with rather static calendars but not for a busy and constantly on the move life style…
If somebody knows how to synch with multiple calendars, I would also be very interested…

I lead a mobile and active life. My google calendar serves my mobile task/contact and calendar needs. Having a “home-base” client to manage these from a PC is the end goal. Having the client in “sync” with google is “priceless”. Email, contacts and calendar sync is what I need. When will this be available, or… how to I configure to make this happen now.

See the response here:….