How do I import or export email account information like outlook or live mail?

How do I import or export email account information like outlook or live mail?

Outlook, Outlook express, Live mail have the function of Import or Export email account information, I don’t know how to do it in eM Client. Any idea ?

Currently this is not supported as of version 2.5.6365 as priority was given to implementing the automatic discovery of settings. Feel free to suggest it as an idea for further development.

Any idea when this will be added? So far I like the client a lot. But it would sure be nice to have my saved Outlook Express mail. Windows 7 dropped Outlook Express, so I need to find an alternative!

We ARE able to import your mail from Outlook Express and Windows Live. The feature eM Client currently does not have is import of account settings (incoming/outgoing server, email etc). We need to analyze this into more depth.

I see the option, but when I click on it and find my Outlook Express folder nothing happens.

I am unable to import contacts too. I am running Windows 7. Is that a problem?

I can’t answer your question, but in a similar fashion, I’m unable to actually import contacts from Outlook. It creates the folders, does the green status bar to indicate it’s doing it, but nothing comes across… I’m on Win7 as well.

I’m using XP, and the import of Outlook Express 6 folders, messages and Address Book doesn’t work at all. OE6 can export a csv file. Perhaps eM Client could import csv. If I can’t import my large Address Book and message folders, eM Client isn’t of much use to me.

The current version has broken Outlook Express and Windows Address Book import, it will be fixed in next update, which is scheduled to be released within a week.

Many thanks for the impressively rapid reply. I’ve also found a work-around since my message - a bit clumsy, but it works - select a group of OE6 messages, and drag and drop them into a Windows Explorer folder. They appear there as .eml files, which then import successfully into eM Client.

I was able to IMPORT contacts by pointing to my old Win XP Outlook Express “wab” file (Different computers-XP to Win7, using an USB thumb drive) - they all came out OK except Group contacts. The Group names came up but all were blank - no email addresses - I then added the people manually using the ; to separate the email addresses - I did this by doing a new email and adding the people in “To”, then copy the names, bring up the Group and paste them into the email section. I am still working on import of old emails.

I found a way to import all my old messages from Win XP Outlook Express (OX) - In eM Client add the folders you want to “Local Folders” (Same as you had in OX ??) - I’m using 2 different computers - Create a Folder(s) on old computer Desktop - Any name will do - You will have to do this for every email folder you want to transfer. You could create Desktop Folders such as “EM-Personal”+“EM-Family”+“EM-Shopping”, etc. to correspond to your OX folders - then Open the created Folder(s) - In OX click on an email folder - It will show all the messages - highlight all with Ctrl-A and right-drag all to a Desktop folder you created - copy all to that folder. They should all be in that new Folder, each with a “.eml” extension. Copy that Folder to an USB thumb drive and take to the new computer. In eM client go to File, then Import - choose “Import from folder with .eml files” - Browse to find the Folder you created - Then select the destination folder and click “Finish.” Viola!!