How do I import my contacts from Thunderbird?

I see somebody else has asked the same question 8 months ago, without getting an answer. If import of contacts can not be done, eM Client is not for me.


File - Import… - Import from Thunderbird.

But if there is topic about this already please next time use that as making multiple topics make forum less clear and will not make response any faster.


I selected “import from Thunderbird”, and eM Client imported evrything but my contatcs. Strange…

Do you have those contacts in some kind of “local folder” in Thunderbird?

I don’t know how TB works exactly but this might be problem, as contacts should be synchronized from the server also after you have imported your account.


Contacts in TB are found in what is known as “adressbook”, which is intergated in the program. There are numerous folders and subfolder in the programfiles of TB,
but I am unable to find out where the adressbook is located when looking at these files…
If you dont see a solution we`ll just leave it at that.

Thanks for trying!

you’re welcome, however if you are in the mood you can still send me import logs. There might be visible core of this issue.

tools - settings - advanced, check import under global, apply and restart eM Client.
then import your account and after it will fail (if it will) send logs… to with this topic’s name in subject.

then you can turn logging off

Problem solved! I saved the TB “addressbook” to a separate file, copied the file and “pasted” it in eM Clients “Contacts”. Where i reappeared as , yes you are right, “addressbook”! Simple as that. Have a good day!


thank you for your update on this issue.


My challenge exactly. Other than that eM Client is fantastic & I am almost ready to buy it.

Hi Alan,

do you have a ‘contacts’ group under ‘local folders’ in eM Client?

You should check the checkbox in front of that group to see the contacts. I would expect your imported contacts to be there.

Hi Hans,
I have a Contacts group, it’s checked but there are NO contacts in it. I even tried Importing Thunderbird, which duplicated all of my data, but it STILL DID NOT IMPORT THUNDERBIRD’S CONTACTS.

I am using Windows 7 Professional. What’s next?