How do I import Contacts from Windows Live Mail? I imported the accounts and messages without difficulty

How do I import Contacts from Windows Live Mail?

Hi Ted, you should be able to import your data from Windows Live Mail using the Import feature, select to import data (instead of accounts) and select the folders for import.

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There is no “data” option and no option to import .contacts files. I have all my contacts in that format, .contact extension. No option to import.

When importing data from Windows Live Mail, you should be able to choose one of the following:

  • Import whole accounts
  • Import selected folders
    To import specified data from selected folders, use the second option. Importing accounts will only transfer your account information and synchronize the account with the server, however no local data will be imported.


This does not work because windows mail is not on this computer. My windows mail and the contacts are on a networked computer. This program does not give me a choice of method of import, because windows mail can’t be found on this computer. I get that error and can’t proceed. I’m dead in the water without windows mail being on the computer I’m working on and that is impossible. You need to be able to select the location one is transferring from.…

When I’m asked for the folder to import, Contacts is not on the list

I have windows live mail installed and trying to import my contacts and it does not do it how do i proceed or uninstall is coming.

Hi Kevin,
you can export your contacts from Windows Live Mail to a VCF files or one CSV file (for example following these instructions) and then use the File>Import>Import contacts from VCF/CSV file option in eM Client.


I tried this but was and thst was it. informed that another program was using the data