How do I import all contacts from previous email server to eMClient? Need help immediately!

How to convert contacts from previous email server to eMClient?

Export the contacts to csv file.

In eM Client Menu > File > “Import contacts from csv file”

John A: What is a csv file? I am trying to covert them from my hometown email server, and it is called!

Do you get your email using a browser?  If so you need to look around for an Export option when you are viewing your contacts list.  “CSV” should be one of the output file type options, which is compatible with eM Client is a malware site according to my Malwarebytes!

Thank you, John. As far as being a malware site, I must disagree with that.  I have had the service for over 35 years.  I will try your export option idea. Thanks for the speedy reply.  If I have trouble, I will post again. Thank you.