How do I get rid of the numbers after an email?

After every email, sent or recieve - mostly sent - I get a number. How do I get rid of those? I’ve looked through all settings, but can’t find the right place. See added picture

Another thing! When I tried to register, I was told, that my email address already was here, but when I tried to look at my profile, I got this. Most peculiar! Why? I’m pretty sure, I didn’t register. (Do eMClient, maybe, have another software where I registered???)

The numbers indicate the number of messages in each conversation. If you do not want to use conversations, you can disable it in Menu > View > Conversations.

The getsatisfaction service that hosts the forum can be frustrating. I have had quite a few issues with them including having my account deleted and other products added to my profile. But as you managed to post to the forum, I guess you worked it out.

Thanks for your answer!

I couldn’t believe that the numbers weren’t in the settings, although I understood, they were the total number of messages.

Most peculiar, that I couldn’t get into the profile, due to the message, that my email addy already was in the system, although i haven’t registered.

Anyway, thanks again!