How do I get rid of the catagories that I don't want to see (Family, Coworkers and Friends)

The catagories that I don’t want to see I cannot get rid of.

It is not possible at the moment.

I have a FAMILY catagory in gmail which also shows up in emclient. So now I have TWO family catagories.
That’s ridiculous. Please fix or I will have to go back to windows live mail.

I meant that the Google Labels/Categories cannot be deleted from eM Client. If you were referring to eM Client local categories, you should be able to delete it here: Tools - Categories

I AM referring to the local categories, and when I go to Tools - Categories I highlight them and click delete. They then disappear from the Categories window temporarily, but not from the Categories listed under Contacts on the left side of the window. What’s more, when I go back to the Tools - Categories window, they reappear then again.

If you assign a local category to a Google contact, it automatically creates new label on Google which cannot be deleted from eM Client.