how do i fix this, my email will wont send emails. (SMTP) a attemtp to connect to my email failed

(SMTP) a attempted to connect to my email failed. This could be caused by temporay server unavailability or uncorrect settings. how do i fix this.

In the error window, there is an option to Open account settings. Click on that and then in the account settings you can either re-enter the server SMTP details supplied by your email provider, or on the Diagnostics Tab, there is an option to Diagnose and then Fix the settings.

Another common problem is that the antivirus or other firewall software is blocking one of the protocols. To check that, disable your antivirus/firewall and then try again. If eM Client then works correctly you need to change the settings in your antivirus/firewall.

If that does not work, please let us know who the email providers is, and maybe someone can give you the settings they are using successfully.