How do I email all the attendees of a meeting?

Hi, I am trying to do something I did all the time in Outlook and wondering if I am missing a trick. I want to email all the attendees of a meeting, in outlook I would right click on the clendar event and the option would be there. Is there some other way to do this in eM Client?

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Hi Jon, unfortunately this feature is not supported in eM Client. Maybe in future releases.

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Well thats a big oops, that  is one reason our company will be looking at another solution 

I have to agree. I was looking for an email client for windows that would support Google apps. I thought I had found it but this is really a very annoying feature miss.

Sorry to hear that, if you ever come back to eM Client, please make sure to let us know in case of any issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

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Not left yet. I rather like the product. Maybe you should crowdsource funding for features across the user base. There is clearly interest in this simple addition.

Thank you for the suggestion, even though eM Client does not rely on crowdfunding, we’re still working on upcoming releases and updates, so new features are being currently developed for future releases. As I’ve previously mentioned we are considering adding the feature into future releases of the application.


Any update to this feature request?  Last post was 1 year ago and feature is still not available.

Hello Brian,
this feature is still under consideration and not planned for implementation at this moment.
This might change for the future updates of course.


ugh, I am almost ready to drop emclient for this very reason.  I need it on a regular basis and have to go log onto the web clients for all my various email/calendar accounts just for this one missing feature.


Is there any news relating to this feature ?
I would be glad to have it because it is useful to send material to all attendees, to send minutes or any other communication.

If it is not possible, it would be good to ease copy of attendees emails in the meeting window.

Hello, any news on this feature? it’s also for me one of the reasons I could decide to drop eM and go back to Outlook. 


This is a feature that I use at least once for every meeting. It’s causing me to switch to outlook enough that I may drop em-client.

This really, really needs to be addressed.

You can’t even select the names to copy them into a new e-mail. You basically have to type everyone in.

I finally went back to Outlook mainly for this reason

think this feature will never come…
so I have to quit
Which is the best alternative? ( beside outlook)

This is an eM Client forum, so there is no alternative, only eM Client. :wink:

But I did manage to do this, sort of. If you still have the invite, you just reply-all to that. Of course if other attendees are added later, then they are not in the original invite, therefore the sort of.

Herbert I don’t see any changes like this happening in version 7, but who really knows what the company has planned. Version 8, which is expected late next year, might include some of the ideas that are currently being considered. We will just have to be surprised when it is released.

We have previously been able to invite users, local to our CalDAV server, but are unable to do so now… Just bought more licenses, but I guess we ́ll also be jumping ship. :-/
Hopefully not to Outlook, so if you find anything good - please share…

Better to open a support ticket directly with eM Client. They will be able to help you further.

I think I will, but I don’t think anything will come of it if they’ve had five years to implement it.
Maybe we can bypass it by adding a @domain.local (OS X) account for each of our users in a shared CardDAV addressbook. (Doesn’t help those looking to invite external users)

Implement what? You said you now had an issue inviting users, which you were able to do before. Or are you referring to another issue altogether, like the subject of this thread?