How do I edit the name associated with an email address?

I’m running emClient for a while now, and it learns the names associated with email addresses as it goes.

When I type in names in the ‘to’ or ‘cc’ lines, emClient suggests names. There are several instances where the name associated with joe@example is “”. I would like to enter the name properly. Where do I edit the list of names/emails? I thought it was in the addressbook, but (ctrl-b) shows that I have no contacts…

I am sorry but you cannot edit/manage the collected email addresses in the suggestion list at the moment. Maybe, this feature will be available in the next major update.

Is there a way, any way, emClient will eventually learn of the full name?

Let’s say I send an email – in this case emClient does not know the first-last names, and will create an entry with as the full name.

Let’s say that Joe then replies to my email, this time his reply contains his full name “Joe Smith {}”… The question is: Will emClient detect an entry joe@example and will update the full name to Joe Smith on its own, or will it be forever

Another alternative: I know emClient uses sqlite to store data. In what file are these names stored? Could I manually make these edits using other tools by editing the sql database file manually?

When eM Client receives an email that contains the sendes’s full name, it will display it but it will not overwrite it in the contact details.