How do I downgrade

I upgraded to version 7 and our office license doesn’t support it yet. I try to downgrade to version 6 and the installer doesn’t allow it. Which version should I download to get my mail service back while we get licenses sorted for the upgrade ? Thanks

Restore from backup

I need to know specifically the version I can install to downgrade from version 7 to version 6.
‘Restore from backup’ is not very helpful, much appreciate if your trying to help though. I need a solution based on eM clients downgrade path (if they have provided one) - not a solution for general computer usage. I have that covered, thanks. There are various reasons why I can’t ‘restore from backup’.

Here’s my problem currently. Which version specifically do I ‘downgrade’ to ? Do I need to uninstall the current version? Do I lose my email if I do that? Basic stuff that should be written for users when the company emails a link for you to Upgrade to version 7. I would have thought. Given it’s payed software.

I was able to uninstall version 7 and reinstall using the version 6 on the download page.

However during the install of version 7 I told the installer to not delete the version 6 data.