How do I display most recent emails on start up?

When emClient opens it always displays the email list with the oldest message first which then necessitates me scrolling through several thousand messages to get to the latest messages.

Is there a way to list the most recent messages when opening?

What happens when you click the “date received” header? This should invert the order from ascending to descending so that the most recent message is on top.

That does, indeed, reverse the order of emails but with the newest then listed first (which, I guess is what it is supposed to do) but then, after new messages have been received, it is the first one received that is highlighted and the highlight cursor ends up being in the middle of a list of emails which I find a bit disconcerting.

What I want is for emails to be listed in chronological order with the most recent one at the bottom of the list and with the highlight cursor sitting on that message which is, I’m pretty sure, what used to happen (probably before the latest update).