how do I create a folder that shows unread messages?

I use IMAP with gmail and I have dozens of folders. I would like to create a search folder that contains all of the unread emails from all of the folders.

custom Search folders creating along with advanced search (with lot of parameters to search by) will be available with 2.8 version of eM Client. Meanwhile there’ s only Unread virtual folder.


What is “unread virtual folder” and how do I access it?

what version of application do you use? In the newest version published at our homepage (2.7.8313) it is a folder at left sidebar under the Mail-Global Folders tab. It aggregates all unread messages from all your accounts.

That is the version that I have, but Mail-Global Folders tab has nothing in it. When I tap it, the arrow switches direction, but nothing is there.

Hmm, strange. Do you have option Show Global folders from menu Tools-Settings-General and General tab enabled?

yes, it is enabled.

I also disabled and then re-enabled it, but still no folder shows up.

Can you please post a screenshot with expanded global folders?

Here is the screenshot

It seems that global folder window is minimized to zero size. Just move your mouse to a position between global folders and local folders and the cursor should change. Then resize the box with left mouse button (normal resize operation). In upcoming version this “zero size” issue is resolved.

That solved it!!! Thank you for your help.