how do i create a copy of an event?

I want to easily create a copy of a past event/appointment as a future event?
Can’t see how.

You can select the event and choose Ctrl + C then Ctrl + V. This will create a duplicate of the event, then just edit it changing the date. Can’t think of another way to do it.

thanks. that works.
so we have a shortcut for a feature that doesn’t exist in the menu items?

I could ask this question for lots of things :slight_smile:

Silly me.
I’ve been wanting to do that, but when the right-click context menu didn’t list “Copy” so I assumed that it wasn’t possible. I didn’t think of using the standard keyboard shortcuts.

… still, maybe there should be an entry on the right-click menu.

There currently is some some kind of right-click function if you choose Copy to Folder, then select the same folder as the original. :slight_smile:

Well I can guess without even trying that the aforementioned process may lack the elegance of “copy” and “paste”.

But, I did now just discover that ctrl-left-click-drag also can be used, which works well on the month view so I can replicate events to the same day on the following week.

It would appear that eM Client may well have many configurable options, which are just not obvious as they lack indicator to suggest they can be clicked to adjust.

Yes, exactly. I think that you will find many things that are not obvious.

I am getting old as I had forgotten about the drag option. :wink:

Very useful!!